Guardian Home Defense & Firearms - Making you safer inside and outside your home.
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Guardian Home Defense and Firearms wants to customize a home defense plan with your particular needs in mind.
Having you feel safe in your home and giving you the tools you need to defend yourself when necessary is our goal.
We have all been taught what to do when we hear the smoke detector go off in the middle of the night, but do you know what to do if you hear a window break or your home alarm go off in the middle of the night. Do you have a plan in place in the event of an intruder in your home? As an NRA certified instructor in both Personal Protection in the Home and Refuse to be a Victim, I can help you develop a plan that you can live with.
A safe room within your home will help protect you while you wait for the police to arrive. A fortified room will delay and deter your intruder and give you the time needed for help to arrive. For those of you who decide to protect yourselves with a personal defense tool I can help you with any of the following.
I will have a large variety of firearms for sale in all price ranges so we can get you the best possible firearm within your budget. Click on search gun deals below to see my inventory and pricing. I will be giving you my opinions on all the firearms that I have personal experience with so I can speak with confidence as to how they perform and how easily they can be cleaned and maintained. You will also be able to try before you buy. I have a wide variety of firearms in different calibers that you can try before you decide which type of gun and in what caliber you are most comfortable defending yourself with.
I carry a variety of non lethal devices like taser and pepper sprays for anyone with moral, ethical or legal concerns
regarding the use of a firearm. Remember you can still protect yourself without the use of deadly force.
For your convenience I am available to do private lessons at your home or business. I will teach classes as intimate or as large as your needs require.
 Please contact us with any questions as we continue to grow.
Rick's Picks
KIMBER Pepper Blaster II
Blaster II
My new favorite handgun is the Springfield XDm, a great pistol that rivals my 30 year old Sig P-226, both are large capacity pistols that are safe, easy to maintain and fun to shoot. For a non lethal item the Kimber pepper blaster II is an inexpensive tool that I would keep in several locations around the house. With pistol grip and sights this two shot device is easy to point and shoot and works well in all types of conditions.
Remember to Stay Safe
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